Floor coatings can have a profound impact a workplace environment. Serving Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, Tri-State Coatings & Repair is a flooring contractor offering everything from non-slip floor coating to epoxy flooring. Family owned and operated, this business provides solutions for both industrial and commercial clients. 

These respected flooring contractors say non-slip floor coating is a popular choice for many reasons. Here are three benefits of this type of floor coating:

  • Safety: Polished concrete floors look great and offer amazing durability, but they can be slippery, and this can lead to accidents. Treating these floors with non-slip floor coating allows them to provide more traction and reduces the risk of accidents. 
  • floor coatingProductivity: With polished concrete floors that haven't been treated, workers have to move more carefully to avoid mishaps. This has the effect of slowing down the pace at which tasks are completed. Adding a non-slip floor coating allows workers to navigate with greater confidence and speed, and this has the end result of boosting productivity. 
  • Morale: Being forced to work in a dangerous environment will lower the morale of your workforce. By installing non-slip floor coating, you are sending a message that you care about their safety. This will have the effect of boosting morale. 

Choose Tri-State Coatings & Repair to select from a wide range of floor coatings designed to improve the form and function of your floors. These experts believe floors should look attractive and must be easy to maintain, and they offer choices designed to achieve this result. With a long list of satisfied commercial and industrial clients, these flooring contractors deliver courteous, detail-oriented service. Schedule a consultation by calling these floor coating experts at (513) 777-1234, or visit Tri-State Coatings & Repair online to learn more.