As a business owner, your facility’s restrooms may not always be at the top of your mind. However, ensuring that these spaces are safe for employees and customers should be a key facilities maintenance priority. From installing a nonslip floor coating to following a consistent cleaning schedule, seemingly minor tasks can make a considerable difference in keeping this area accident-free.

How to Keep Your Bathrooms Safe

1. Follow the Cleaning Schedule

Public restrooms tend to be humid environments. This moisture facilitates the growth of viruses and germs. Water spills can also lead to slips and falls. You should clean these public facilities daily to ensure proper hygiene and reduce the risk of accidents. A clean restroom will go a long way in making a positive impression with employees and customers.

2. Install Nonslip Floor Coatingnonslip floor coating

Even with consistent cleaning, it is natural that water will splash on the floor inside a public restroom. This mess can create a dangerous slip and fall hazard. You can mitigate this risk by installing a nonslip floor coating, which will improve the flooring’s traction. A water-impervious coating will also extend the lifespan of the underlying concrete, reducing future maintenance costs.

3. Smart Lighting

Lighting is another essential safety concern in public restrooms. An ideal solution to conserve energy and ensure a safe environment is to install motion-sensitive LED lighting. Install lighting that dims rather than shuts off after an extended period without movement. You should also install emergency lighting in case of a power outage.


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