Whether your facility’s concrete is old or freshly poured, it requires a concrete sealer to protect it against damage. Concrete is porous and absorbs moisture, grease, and chemicals, all of which have different negative effects. Here are a few reasons to seal the floor of your industrial warehouse or garage.

Why Concrete Sealer Is Necessary

1. Protection

Professionals can install sealant over an epoxy or urethane finish, strengthening and protecting both the finish and the concrete. It resists oil stains and chemicals, which is perfect for manufacturing plants. Also, it provides traction, increases tension against heavy weight, and protects against UV rays in large open bays, such as loading docks and airplane hangars.

2. Easier Maintenance

Concrete sealer creates a level surface, discouraging dust and other particles from sticking to the surface. It allows soap and water to remove most stains, and a simple sweeping removes the majority of accumulated debris.

3. Mold Resistance

Concrete SealerSome warehouses, storage units, and other commercial buildings may have occasional issues with moisture intrusion. Sealants help avoid mold development and prevent efflorescence when the moisture dries up.

4. Appearance

Sealants come in various finishes to enhance the look of the concrete. They can add a hint of color and add a glossy shine, or they can include decorative vinyl and epoxies to add visual interest.

5. Durability

Sealant can be added to the concrete mix before or after installation. Either way, the sealant sinks into the pores, creating a more stable foundation. It fills in areas where air would otherwise exist, strengthening the floor and limiting possible movement. It becomes chemically bonded and tightly packed, improving its overall longevity.


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