Food is just as much a part of a location's culture as its landmarks and history. For that reason, visiting local restaurants is an essential component of any trip. If you're traveling to Alaska, your biggest challenge will be fitting in all of the menu items. Make sure you don't miss out on the state's best offerings by adding these foods to your must-eat list. 

What to Eat During Your Alaska Visit

1. Chinook Salmon

Surrounded by water on three sides and home to over 12,000 rivers, seafood is a staple of Alaskan dishes. Fresh salmon offers a rich, tasty flavor not found in standard store-bought varieties. While there are multiple salmon species readily available (chum, coho, pink, and sockeye), the most unforgettable tasting experience belongs to the king, or Chinooks, variety.

2. Birch Syrup

restaurantBirch is one of the most popular trees in the state, and natives have incorporated the plant into their medicinal efforts for centuries. Now, transforming the sap into delectable, not-too-sweet syrup has entered the mainstream market, making it easier to access. Add it to your waffles, use it to sweeten your coffee, or drizzle it on a scoop of ice cream. 

3. Reindeer 

Alaska is one of the few places you can order local reindeer at a restaurant or enjoy at a hotel breakfast bar. The wild meat is most commonly used for breakfast sausages. It's even available in hotdog form, known as reindeer dogs. 

4. Red King Crab

As with salmon, there are a variety of native crab species in Alaska, including Dungeness and snow crabs. However, the true ruler of the pack is the red king crab.

The massive crustacean offers a juicy, mouthwatering flavor and is found at eateries all over the state. If you have room, add blue and golden king crab varieties to your must-try itinerary. 


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