Once you’ve booked your hotel near Denali National Park, you’ll need to create an exciting itinerary. Since there are numerous ways to fill your days with adventures, use the guide below to help you narrow the options and help you get started.

What to Do During Your Visit to Denali National Park

1. Enjoy Bird-Watching

See which birds you can spot during the trip, such as the Arctic warbler, black-billed magpie, common raven, Canada jay, and golden eagle. These birds are either at the park from summer until fall or remain on or near the grounds year-round.

2. Go Hiking

hotelLike most national parks, Denali has no shortage of awe-inspiring hiking trails. The Savage River Loop Trail is ideal for beginners since it’s only two miles long, doesn’t feature significant elevation, and offers plenty of photo opportunities thanks to a rushing river against a mountain backdrop. Other wow-worthy paths include the Horseshoe and Triple Lake Trails, and you can always stop by the Visitor’s Center for additional hiking information and tips.

3. Bike the Park Road

Experience fall colors by biking the 92-mile Park Road. The first 15 miles are paved until you reach the Savage River, after which you’ll ride on gravel. Whether you want to bike the road as part of a day trip or multi-day camping excursion, you’ll enjoy panoramic views throughout the ride.

4. Visit the Sled Dog Kennel

Denali is the only national park where the rangers rely on sled dogs. Visit the kennels to take pictures of the adorable huskies and learn more about the roles they play in the park. While sled dog demonstrations only happen during the summer, you can visit the animals and consider adopting a retired team member.


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