If you frequently travel for business, you probably start to feel homesick after a while. Taking the time to personalize your hotel room and make it feel familiar can have a tremendous impact on frequent travelers. Here are some steps you can take to feel comfortable and at ease while you’re away.

How to Keep Homesickness at Bay When Traveling for Work

1. Wear Comfy Pajamas

It’s comforting to get into your pajamas and relax after a tiring day. Make room in the suitcase for comfy clothing, including pajamas, slippers, warm socks, and other essentials you use nightly. These clothes will be waiting for you after a long day of meetings, so you can unwind properly.

2. Pack a Blanket or Pillow

hotelEven if the hotel has comfy bedding, pack a small pillow or blanket that smells like home. Having this comfort object will make it easier to fall asleep in a new bed, allowing you to get the rest you need for the workday ahead.

3. Fill the Room With Personal Items

Pictures of your family, scented candles, beloved knickknacks, and other personal trinkets can quickly make the hotel room cozier and more intimate. Place these items on the nightstand, so they’ll be the first thing you see in the morning. You can also put them on the desk if you plan to work remotely during the stay.

4. Bring Your Own Coffee

Most rooms are equipped with a coffee maker, so pack the grounds you use every day at home. The familiar aroma and taste will evoke feelings of comfort while you’re away. Don’t forget to bring a travel mug, so you can take the cup with you once you start the day.


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