Teaching a teenage child about the dangers of drinking and driving can help prevent accidents, criminal charges, and employment problems in the future. While a DUI attorney can provide assistance after an issue, the best method is to avoid these troubling situations. If you need help talking about this topic with your children as they prepare to graduate from high school, here are several strategies.

How Should You Talk to a Teen About Underage Drinking?

1. Look for an Organic Opening

Sitting down with a teenager to have a serious conversation can make them immediately defensive about the situation. Instead, wait for a natural way to bring up drinking and driving. For instance, if you’re watching a movie or TV show that includes underage drinking, ask them if they know anyone who drinks and drives. Alternatively, ask them if they have been to any parties with alcohol. If they answer yes, don't get mad. This shows your child trusts you and wants to be honest, so steer the conversation into ways about how they can refuse a drink in the future.

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2. Ask Questions

Asking questions and not getting angry at the answers is an excellent way to start an honest dialog. This strategy also helps you avoid lecturing, which can make your teen stop paying attention. For example, ask them if they know the penalties for a DUI or what they plan to do if someone offers them a drink. If they are unsure, inform them of the dangers and how a DUI can affect their future school and job prospects. This will help your child start thinking about scenarios they hadn’t considered before.

3. Be Honest

If you have experiences with alcohol in the past, had a relative who needed a DUI attorney, or know someone who was injured in a drunk-driving accident, discuss these experiences with your child. While these topics might be uncomfortable, they can help illustrate the dangers of inappropriate alcohol use. Plus, when you provide real-life examples, your teen can better connect with the information and understand it.


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