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5515 Reidsville Rd, Belews Creek, NC 27009

About Brad's Golf Cars

Whether you run a private golf course, a large apartment complex, or the grounds of a university campus, there’s only one way to get around: a golf cart. But where are you supposed to go to rent or buy these vehicles for your golf course or campus? Brad’s Golf Cars in Belews Creek, NC, of course. Since 1992, the Walsh family has carved out a unique spot in a very specific market for people needing to cover long distances on a private lot or campus.


Whether you’re looking to improve your used golf cart fleet with new, fast electric carts to keep up with the pace of play for your patrons or you want a comfortable four-seater to get around your property, they have just the style to fit your needs. Their fleet of used carts is just as impressive and is sure to be an improvement over most carts in an older fleet, as well as being a more affordable option for those looking to expand their inventory. If your vehicles need servicing, bring them in to have them repaired and maintained by this team of mechanics and technicians.


Golf carts are the perfect way to get around a small community, and Brad’s Golf Cars are a perfect way to bring that type of convenience to your customers. Inquire about rentals or purchases by calling them at (336) 595-2006. You can also browse their inventory when you visit them online.


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