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About Alegria Law Office

Everyone needs assistance at some point in their lives. If you live in Boise, ID, and need legal counseling, Alegria Law Office has the team of attorneys necessary to save you from unjust proceedings in the court of law. Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI, served divorce papers, or you’ve been involved in an accident, these attorneys have the experience and dedication necessary to see you overcome your legal woes.


No one likes the idea of needing a lawyer because it means you’re facing some sort of challenge, but with this team of attorneys, you’re facing the trouble with certified firepower. Their attorneys cover a wide range of legal issues to represent you, including appeals, child custody and support, domestic violence, and criminal cases and decrees.


You may not need an attorney right now, but the moment you do, there’s only one call to make. Receive proper legal representation by contacting Alegria Law Office at (208) 344-7670. You can also visit them online to learn more.