Your car’s engine provides numerous warning signs when it needs servicing, none of which you should ignore. Putting engine repair on the bottom of your auto maintenance to-do list increases premature part wear and the likelihood of seizing actions that shut your car down. Below are a few indications that you should schedule auto repair services.

3 Warning Signs Calling for Auto Repair Services

1. Handling Issues

There are many handling problems your car can have, such as trouble starting the vehicle or having it stall out regularly. It could also jerk to one side when you’re driving or experience many other handling issues. While driving problems can indicate wheel misalignment or a suspension system that needs replacing, it could also mean there’s an engine-related problem such as air and fuel mixture issues, clogged fuel lines, or worn spark plugs.

2. Warning Lights

engine repairIf your “check engine” light illuminates, this signals engine power issues such as a catalytic converter that needs replacing, a failing oxygen sensor, loose or missing gas cap, or old spark plugs. Other warning lights can also require engine repair and maintenance services, such as the “low oil level” light telling you to schedule an oil change immediately. A lack of oil creates friction among the engine’s moving parts, resulting in heat damage and other premature wear.

3. Lower Gas Mileage

As with other vehicle issues, lower gas mileage can indicate many problems such as excessive trunk weight, clogged air filters, and faulty oxygen sensors. It can also mean your engine needs help. It could require an oil change to lubricate parts and increase efficiency or show a problem with the fuel pump. If an oil change doesn’t solve your problem, your car needs a tuneup that includes engine diagnostic testing. 


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