When you get in a car, all you need to do is turn the key to start it. However, under the hood, the transmission is transferring energy from the engine to your car’s driveshaft and wheels. To keep these parts working properly, you should understand regular transmission service. Below are a few ways you can take better care of this essential system.

How to Preserve a Transmission System

1. Monitor Driving Technique

Transmission care isn’t only up to the mechanic—you can make minor changes to your driving habits to keep it pristine. For example, when starting your car, wait several minutes to allow the engine and transmission system to get warm and moving—especially during winter. This ensures all necessary components have enough lubrication to work efficiently. When driving, make sure to stop completely before shifting from “drive” to “neutral,” “park,” or “reverse” to avoid excess friction between the gears in the transmission.

2. Schedule a Flush

transmission serviceThe fluid that fills your transmission system is responsible for lubricating the gears and other moving parts. This prevents them from scraping against each other and overheating. As you drive, the fluid will get thicker and grainier, until it can no longer work adequately. Therefore, you should schedule a transmission fluid flush around once a year. If you drive frequently or for long distances, you might need to receive this transmission service more often.

3. Change the Filter

Much like your air conditioner, your transmission uses a filter to catch contaminants that enter the system. However, these are floating around in the oil, not air. Filters can help prolong the life of the fluid between flushes, and keep your transmission system operating efficiently. To find out how often to change the filter, check your car’s owner manual. This will provide information about the type of filter you need, as well as other essential information.


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