Tuneups aren’t the same these days as they were on older cars.  Regular tuneups on newer vehicles are just as crucial to the longevity and functionality of a vehicle; they are just a little different. They are necessary every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the brand, model, and age of the car. During the process, an auto mechanic inspects multiple components and swaps faulty models for new ones. Below is more information about the primary areas it involves. 

5 Aspects That an Auto Mechanic Will Check During a Modern Vehicle Tuneup

1. Battery

From stereos to alarms, auto batteries are always in use in the background of modern vehicles. For that reason, you should check the voltage regularly. This ensures that the car will start when you turn the key, as well as operate each system efficiently. The mechanic will also inspect it for signs of corrosion and loose wiring that could impact its reliability.

2. Filters

Multiple parts rely on filters to prevent debris from accumulating inside them and disrupting the operation of the car. During a tuneup, the auto mechanic checks the fuel, AC, engine, and oil filters for signs up buildup or clogs. If they find any issues, they will replace them immediately. 

3. Spark Plugs

auto mechanicEvaluating spark plugs is a significant step in a tuneup. The older they are, the more voltage the vehicle’s ignition will require. To avoid prematurely wearing down the battery, a mechanic will typically replace them during a tuneup, even if they aren’t malfunctioning yet. This is a cheap, simple procedure that can save you considerable money in the future. 

4. Ignition Timing

Both newer and older vehicles need a regular check of their ignition timing. Since manufacturers set the timing for newer models digitally via the car’s computer system, issues are less common. However, older vehicles may require manual adjustment to the timing belt. The idle speed also needs inspecting to ensure optimal fuel efficiency.

5. Fluids

An auto mechanic will also check the vehicle’s fluids to identify potential issues. Specifically, they inspect the level, color, and consistency for the brakes, engine oil, coolant, transmission, and power steering. This allows your vehicle to remain safe and operational, helping to prevent breakdowns while driving.


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