A power outage can pose a serious inconvenience when you’re going about your daily activities. Although weather-related blackouts are out of your control, there are some steps that you can take to prevent disruptions and possible electrical repairs. Here are three suggestions.

How to Avoid a Power Outage

1. Manage Your Trees

electrical repairsIf you have utility poles directly outside your home, your trees may pose a threat to them. The problem occurs when heavy rain or strong gusts of wind rattle the structures so forcefully that they come directly into contact with the lines. To prevent any interaction between your trees and a power line, trim long branches. Focus on those that graze your home’s roof to prevent property damage as well.

2. Minimize Power Usage

Rolling blackouts occur when the demand for energy is greater than the available supply. These types of controlled outages are temporary, and are performed to rebalance the supply and can even help you avoid electrical repairs caused by overload. Warm weather is a common culprit, as more people utilize their air conditioners to cool their homes. You can reduce the strain on the grid by raising the thermostat temperature a few degrees, especially when you aren’t home, or using fans instead. Unplug appliances that aren’t in use, and turn off lights when you leave the room.

3. Install a Generator

A sudden power surge can also cause serious damage to appliances and electronics, which in turn may require electrical repairs. That can happen whether there is a storm outside or a tree falls onto a utility pole and causes catastrophic damage in the neighborhood. Installing a standby generator is an excellent way to fill the gap when the power goes out. The device maintains power to everything in your home so that you aren’t left in the dark.


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