Your home’s roof protects your family and belongings from the elements, but even this strong structure can experience roof leaks. Water infiltration can be caused by weather damage over time, or contact with objects, including falling tree limbs. Unaddressed leaks result in property damage and mold, so you need to take action immediately. Follow these tips to handle this problem efficiently.


Use buckets.

Pittsford Roof LeakPlace a bucket under every drip to prevent the water from soaking your belongings or flooring. Always have extra buckets in hand so you can swap out the full ones. Check them regularly to prevent overflow.

Never let the bucket fill so much that you can’t lift it without spilling. Instead, let them fill halfway before emptying them.

Cover belongings.

Dry off any wet belongings with towels and a blow dryer to prevent mildew growth. Then, secure tarps or other water-resistant coverings over any items on the level directly below the roof. Relocate small items and valuables to parts of the home that aren’t affected by the roof leak.  


Forget to call your insurance.

After you secure your belongings, call your insurance company. If it is after business hours, leave a message but call again the following business day. Do not wait for a return phone call. Your insurance company will walk you through what is covered by your policy, and may send an appraiser or ask you to take pictures of the damage before your coverage can kick in.

Skip repairs because the weather cleared.

After your insurance company has assessed the damage, schedule an appointment with a roofer immediately. Your roof will continue to leak until you hire a contractor to repair the damage. In fact, a clear day is ideal for fixing a rook leak, since the conditions will be safer for the professional.   


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