Drinking water systems—composed of pumps, motors, pipings, and valves—move water from underground aquifers into storage tanks. They also help distribute water used for cooking, cleaning, gardening, and other household purposes. Cold weather, however, can damage your system if you leave your home unattended over the winter. Below are some tips to ensure the pumps are primed and ready for the cold weather. 

Why Winterize Your Pump System Before Leaving Your House?

The pump is the mechanism that pushes water through the pipelines. During freezing temperatures, water in the pipe turns to ice and expands. The buildup of pressure from the ice can rupture the pipes and undermine your entire drinking water system. Without running water in your home, tasks like taking showers or washing the dishes aren’t possible.

How Do You Winterize Your Home's Pump Systems?

Drinking water systemsFirst, turn off your entire home's water supply, as well as the switch that powers the pump. Next, drain the water from the lines by turning on your house faucets and flushing your toilets until you don’t see water dripping.

If you want to make sure nobody is able to activate the drinking water system while you’re away, disconnect the water pump’s power wires for good measure. Next, tilt the pumps to drain the remaining water. After this, re-attach the lines to the pump. Lastly, fill your toilet tanks, lines, and sewage pumps with propylene glycol RC fluid before flushing your toilet. Make sure to choose an antifreeze option that’s safe for residential plumbing systems.

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