When the water source for your home has excess minerals like limestone, chalk, or gypsum, it becomes classified as hard. While this type of water isn’t harmful to drink, it does have adverse effects on your fixtures and plumbing. Luckily, there are water softener solutions designed to counteract these issues and reduce the number of contaminants in your home. Here’s what you need to know. 

A Quick Guide to Water Softeners

How do these water filtration systems work?

This water treatment solution directs the water source through a mineral tank that has resin designed to remove the contaminant particles. These resin beads have an opposite electrical charge than the particles inside the water, so when they pass over the beads, they cling onto them while the rest of the water passes through contaminant-free.

What are the benefits of water softeners?

water softenerUsing this water treatment system has numerous benefits. You’ll start to see that your skin is softer and your hair is smoother because they’re not being aggravated by the minerals within your water. Your clothes will also be softer and last longer, as the minerals won’t become trapped in the fabrics. Any items that use the water to be cleaned—such as silverware, glassware, and plumbing fixtures—will no longer have mineral deposit stains.

Do these water purification systems require maintenance?

While maintenance of this system is minimal, there are ways you can ensure it’s operating as efficiently as possible. Check that it has the recommended amount of salt at least every four to six weeks, because when it drops below that level, it can’t filter the water as effectively. Also, clean the brine tank once or twice a year using soap, water, and a stiff-bristle brush.

Is there any particular type of salt I should use?

The most commonly used salt is sodium chloride. It’s an effective solution and is also less expensive than other options; however, many people also use potassium chloride because of the health benefits it provides. It may be more expensive, but it increases the amount of potassium consumption while lowering the sodium levels in your diet, which results in a variety of health benefits.


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