If you notice a sulfurous smell coming from the faucets, you may have hard water. This odor can be off-putting, but many homeowners aren’t sure if it’s dangerous to drink affected water. Below is a guide to water mineral content and whether your family is safe to hydrate with hard water.

Guide to Hard Water

What Is Hard Water? 

Water that has high levels of calcium, sulfates, and magnesium is called hard water. Often, you can’t see the difference. However, you may notice a film or stains on your dishes after using hard water in a dishwasher.

Over time, your plumbing may develop mineral deposits, as the minerals form debris on the pipes. Some homeowners notice worsening water pressure over time as the pipe diameter shrinks because of this mineral buildup.

hard waterHard water can also create a film-like feeling on your skin after washing as if you haven’t rinsed off all the soap. This liquid prevents soaps and detergents from working, creating a layer of magnesium hydroxide that makes hot water less effective.

Is It Dangerous to Drink?

Hard water is not dangerous to ingest. One study found that it can be an essential source of magnesium and calcium for those who don’t get enough of these nutrients in their regular diets. Some studies found that calcium and magnesium reduce cardiovascular disease by lowering blood pressure and mitigating the risk of arrhythmia associated with low magnesium levels.

Other medical inquiries believe the minerals may mitigate pancreatic, rectal, colon, and gastric cancer, or lower atherosclerosis, a disease that affects the arteries in young people.  



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