Depending on where you live and where you get your water from, the water could contain heavy metals, excess chlorine or fluoride, and harmful bacteria. To safeguard your family and make your water healthier and better tasting, a water filtration system is a sensible investment. To guarantee a long lifespan for a new system, follow the do’s and don’ts below.


Replace the filters on time.

Depending on the type of system you have, a filter cartridge may need to be changed routinely. If you neglect this maintenance task, the system may be unable to filter the water properly. While carbon filter systems and reverse osmosis systems can go a year without replacement, your home’s water usage will dictate how frequently the filter should be changed. If you notice any changes in the water’s taste, it may be time for a new filter.

Have the unit serviced regularly.

water filtration systemLike any appliance, preventative, professional maintenance on your water filtration system can help you catch malfunctions before they result in breakdowns and potentially expensive repairs. Following the manufacturers recommended schedule, have a professional visit to clean and inspect the filtration system.


Choose the wrong filtration system.

The type of water filtration system you need depends on where your water comes from and what contaminants are present. For example, a municipal water source that has a high presence of chlorine will need a different filter than a home with well water that is saturated with calcium and magnesium. Before you have a filtration system installed, have a professional visit to test your water and determine what substances need to be targeted.

Forget to factor in your home’s needs.

If your home is on well water, it’s important that the filtration system is compatible with your well pump’s flow rate. For example, if your filter requires a minimum flow rate, a well pump that can’t provide enough water will lead to improper operation. You should also be aware of how the filtration system will affect water pressure in key areas of your home.



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