If you’ve been looking for a home water filtration system, you’ve likely heard of reverse osmosis units. These innovative systems provide fresh, clean water for years with proper maintenance and care. Here’s a brief overview of what these systems are and how they filter your water.

How Does Reverse Osmosis Produce Clean Water?

reverse osmosisA reverse osmosis system pumps saltwater through a semi-permeable membrane that filters materials in the water. From salt to bacteria, the filter catches a large portion of contaminants, producing clean drinking water.

These systems employ a cross-filtration method. Because the pressure is enough to reverse the natural flow of osmosis, but not enough to force the contaminant particles through the membrane, the flow of water moves across the membrane, cleaning it of any particles it collects. This concentrated water is discharged through a reject stream, which vents either into a waste drain or occasionally back into the feed water supply, recycling the water again.

How Long Do These Systems Last?

Reverse osmosis membranes and filters can last anywhere from six months to two years. What determines the duration is the quality of the unit, the quality of the water supply, and the amount of water filtered, all of which can vary greatly.

For example, water specialists may suggest cleaning out the filters and replacing the membranes once a year as a precaution. Since most of these systems don’t require energy to run, you don’t have to worry about replacing a motor in the pump. If yours does require energy to run, however, it’s best to inspect the unit every six months to check for damaged motors or leaks. With regular maintenance, the overall system can last over 10 years. 



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