If you’re a healthy individual looking for ways to obtain a tighter, firmer abdomen, you may be an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck. This procedure removes excess fat and skin to flatten and contour the abdominal area. After your consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, follow their instructions on how to prepare for your procedure to ensure the best results. Here are some important examples of what you should and shouldn't do to get ready for a tummy tuck.


Make arrangements with loved ones.

The recovery process for this cosmetic surgery can take up to six weeks, depending on your age, body weight, and health. During this time, you should not engage in strenuous activities. Reach out to family members and close friends in advance to ask for assistance as you heal. Someone should drive you to and from the procedure, and ideally, you will have somebody to take care of you for the first few days after.

Maintain a stable, healthy weight and diet.

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Make sure your body is in the best condition possible before a tummy tuck to promote faster healing and better results. That means exercising regularly and taking on a high-protein diet starting one month before your procedure. This can include eggs, beans, nuts, seafood, lean meats, soy, and low-fat dairy. Avoid crash dieting and rapid weight loss so you can keep your body weight stable.


Drink alcohol or use tobacco.

If you drink alcohol, do not consume any the week leading up to and a few weeks after surgery. Drinking alcohol can interfere with the effectiveness of anesthesia and prevent your blood from clotting normally, which may cause excessive bleeding. You should also stop using tobacco products at least one month prior to the procedure. Using any form of tobacco increases the risk of post-surgical complications, including infections and delayed or poor healing.

Use herbal medications or blood thinners.

If you use medications, supplements, or herbal medicines that act as a blood thinner, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, ginger, or vitamin E, stop taking them for at least two weeks before a tummy tuck. Like alcohol, these medications increase bleeding during surgery and adversely affect blood clotting and anesthesia. Talk to your doctor about temporarily stopping prescription blood thinners ahead of time.


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