Moving in with a significant other often means combining belongings. You’ll need to purchase furniture for watching movies, enjoying meals with loved ones, and relaxing after a long day. Here are four tips for couples looking to find the perfect couches, chairs, and other pieces for your home.

Purchase Furniture with Your Partner Using This Advice

1. Consider Your Space

When you begin furniture shopping, go equipped with measurements of the space. This way, you can measure potential furniture options and decide which pieces will fit the best. In general, keep a foot or so of room between the couch and coffee table or chairs to encourage easy movement and prevent crowding. Measure the doorways in the home as well, so you don’t purchase pieces that won’t fit into the building.

2. Decide on a Color

furnitureDiscuss a color palette before beginning the search for furniture, so you can choose fabrics and materials that match. This planning will make it easier to quickly narrow down the potential options once you visit the store. 

3. Search for Inspiration

Most couples spend time deciding on a style before they go furniture shopping. Looking at decor magazines and websites like Pinterest will help you choose looks both partners like to make it less stressful to find pieces you want in real life. 

4. Decide What Matters the Most

It’s important to think about which pieces are the most important. Finding a comfortable couch is a major priority for most couples, so they allot a large part of their budget for seating. Focus on selecting that key item and then base the other furniture around it as it’ll provide a design focal point.


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