Making the switch from the laundromat to your own washing machine is exciting, but without proper maintenance, you can expose yourself to a variety of common issues. To help you avoid breakdowns, leaks, and costly appliance repairs, use the guide below to learn how to care for your washing machine.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

1. Use The Right Detergent

While there are two types of washing machines, top and front load, there are numerous varieties of laundry detergent. Both the type and amount of soap you use is important in maintaining your clothing and machine.

Front-load washing machines typically use high-efficiency (HE) detergents that are formulated for energy-efficient appliances. Using the wrong detergent, or using too much detergent, can leave residue on your clothing, cause skin irritation, or even cause your washing machine to shut down. Though top-load machines accept a variety of detergents, it's important to use the amount specified on the bottle.

2. Don't Overload It

appliance repairsThough it can be tempting to try and fit one more pair of jeans, overloading your washing machine is not only bad for your clothes, it can also cost you in appliance repairs. When you overload your washing machine, there's not enough room for soap dispersion, or agitation, resulting in clothes that aren't properly cleaned. What's worse, an overly-heavy load can throw the machine off balance, causing it to work overtime, and wearing down fragile components. Always adhere to the capacity guides for your unique machine, or fill it two-thirds full with loosely packed clothes. 

3. Clean it Regularly

Over time, dirty laundry can take its toll on your washing machine, resulting in the buildup of lint, debris, and grime. If left unchecked, detergent and lint accumulations can clog the drain hose, leading to mold and mildew in your pipes, leaving your clothes smelling musty and unpleasant. To prevent this, clean your machine at least once per year by following the manufacturer's recommended cleaning guidelines in your owner's manual. Regularly wipe the surface to remove spilled cleaning agents that may cause staining or corrosion.


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