If you recently purchased an older home, you may want to start renovating the space so that it is more functional and efficient. Investing in replacement windows is one project that can accomplish both of these goals, and choosing vinyl models is an excellent, cost-effective decision. If you have never had this style of window in a home, you may have questions about it. Below are answers to common inquiries that homeowners have to help you make a decision.

What You Should Know About Vinyl Replacement Windows

What are they?

Vinyl windows have glass that is surrounded by a molded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) substance. This is a synthetic material that is water-resistant, preventing inclement weather from rotting the frame and entering the home. To further boost durability and weatherproofing, manufacturers add strengthening chemicals and plasticizers to the mixture when creating the frames.

Why should you choose them over other options for replacement windows?

replacement window

Vinyl is popular in homes because it is less expensive than wood and metal while still providing excellent strength and durability. PVC is low maintenance, only requiring you to clean the sills periodically to remove dirt, dust, and pollen buildup. Plus, you don't have to stain or paint the frames after installation.

They also don't rot when exposed to moisture, which means vinyl frames usually last longer than wood varieties. Vinyl windows can remain reliable for up to 40 years, minimizing the need for replacements and saving you money on repairs.

Can they withstand severe temperatures?

Unlike other options, vinyl does not change shape after exposure to temperature fluctuations, so it is suitable for use in both hot and cold conditions. Also, PVC does not transfer heat, so you don't have to worry about it cracking or warping during intense summer weather. Plus, the color won't fade over time, so vinyl typically doesn't show signs of wear even after several years.

What color and style options are available?

Vinyl comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose a frame that matches your home's theme and exterior design. While you cannot easily stain or paint the frames after installing them, you can customize the color when ordering replacement windows. Vinyl windows also come in many styles, including bay, bow, casement, and awning varieties.


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