Gutters are vital components in any home, channeling water off roofs during storms. However, many homeowners delay cleaning them until the heavy rains come, and clogged channels trap water on their rooftops. You can prevent this scenario through routine maintenance. Below are a few tips to consider.

How to Maintain Your Gutters

1. Clear Your Roof

Debris, leaves, and branches can block your gutters and cause problems during stormy days. When the weather is clear, use a rake to clear obstructions along the channels. Then pour water in them, and see that it flows smoothly toward the downspout.

2. Check for Leaks & Rust

Once the channels are clean, look for signs of leaks. Plug large openings with metal flashing or patching kits, and small cracks using sealants. Also, look for signs of rusting and excessive damage that may require a new gutter installation.

3. Inspect the Downspouts

guttersRun water through the downspout. If you notice signs of clogging, flush the debris out or use a stick to remove obstructions. To keep your foundation safe, ensure that the pipe extends several feet away from your house.

4. Follow a Maintenance Calendar

Having a year-round schedule will help you keep track of your gutter maintenance needs. For example, in winter you should look out for ice dams that block water. During spring, inspect the gutters to ensure that they did not sustain winter damage. When summer arrives, installing a guard over the gutter will prevent much of the leaves in fall from clogging them. Finally, remove the remaining debris in fall to once again prepare for the winter.


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