Hail is usually fairly harmless, but some storms drop ice large enough to damage your vehicle or even cause serious injuries. While you can’t control the weather, there are a few ways to protect yourself and minimize auto body repair costs. Here are a few steps to take if hail starts falling while you’re on the road.

What to Do When Driving Through Hail

1. Pull Over as Soon as Possible

If you can't find shelter, such as a parking garage, carport, or overpass, it’s best to pull over as soon as you can do so safely. Hail will do more damage to vehicles that are moving than ones that are staying still since the speed of the car adds to the speed of the falling ice for greater impact damage.

2. Point the Front of the Car Toward the Storm

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Once you’ve pulled over, try to point the front of the vehicle toward the storm. Car windshields are made out of special reinforced glass that can bear the brunt of large hail pieces better than other windows in the vehicle. While your car may still need auto body repairs, parking facing the storm can lessen the chance of the glass breaking.

3. Stay in the Car

You might be tempted to seek shelter in a restaurant or store, but your car is likely the safest place to be. Large pieces of hail are capable of denting metal and causing serious injuries, even across a short distance from your car to the building. Staying inside the vehicle is the best way to prevent injuries.

4. Lean Your Seat Back

There isn’t a lot of room to get away from the windows in a car, but leaning your seat back provides several inches of clearance. Reclining your seat and leaning as far from the windows as possible will give more protection in case a window breaks. If you have a blanket or jacket available, cover your face to protect against debris that may come through the breach.


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