Thinning and pruning are distinct parts of landscape maintenance, yet the terms are often used interchangeably. Understanding the differences will help you take care of your property and schedule the proper services from your local landscaping company. Here’s a closer look at each aspect of shrub and tree maintenance.


Pruning has several applications. Because cuts must be precise, it’s typically done by hand. In addition to removing dead, dying, and diseased branches, pruning helps branches grow in specific ways to ensure more pleasing, uniform results. When performed in the winter, pruning encourages healthy new growth and does little damage to trees and shrubs because they’re dormant. 

Spring pruning prior to bud growth encourages healthy new shoots, while summer pruning reduces the amount of energy and nutrients each tree and shrub needs to thrive. It helps greenery prepare for the following growing season.

This is a contrast to fall pruning, which may encourage disease. Increased fungal spore count in the air during autumn makes pruned trees vulnerable.


landscape maintenanceThinning involves removing stems or limbs from trees and shrubs down to their attachment points by hand or with a motorized trimmer. It’s typically done on “crowded” trees with too many intersecting branches that impede airflow and light. Thinning subsequently contributes to lower branch and trunk health to help the entire tree remain strong and look beautiful.

As with pruning activities, this form of landscape maintenance is best performed in winter, spring, and summer to prevent fungal spore-related diseases in the fall. 


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