While in the middle of bathroom remodeling, it’s challenging to design a functional and fashionable bathroom. Many trendy design tips sacrifice accessibility for style. Luckily, several tips will help you transform your bathroom into a beautiful and handicap-friendly space. Here are three remodeling ideas that offer the perfect mix.

3 Wheelchair-Friendly & Stylish Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Walk-in Shower

A shower curb is a severe challenge for anyone in a wheelchair. Instead, go for a curbless design, or a walk-in shower. This will open up your bathroom, giving it a more modern look, while also providing easier wheelchair access. Lower the bathing fixtures and add interior handrails to ease the transition into the shower.

For a final touch, install glass shampoo and conditioner dispensers to enhance a modern look further. This also allows easier use for those who sit while showering.

2. Grab Bars

bathroom remodelingThis addition is a necessity for any accessible bathroom. However, they don’t need to be gray and dull. Today, grab bars come in many different colors, styles, and shapes. Use this to your advantage during your bathroom remodeling by getting creative with different styles and forms. One example is a “wavy” style bar, offering proper support while giving a free-flowing look.

3. Wall-Hung Cupboards

These cupboards hang low to suit your individual needs, giving you access to storage space. They also minimize any hindrances on the floor for smoother wheelchair movement in the bathroom. Same as grab bars, cupboards offer many stylish choices, allowing you to create your design while keeping accessibility your top priority.


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