Your vintage motorcycle can gain value over time if it is properly maintained due to its status as a collectible. However, because your bike is older, it has different needs than a modern model. For long-term protection, take out a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy and follow the best practices below.

A Care Guide for a Classic Motorcycle

1. Use the Right Gas

Older motorcycles have a carburetor in the engine, which mixes fuel and air before delivering it to the engine. Carburetors work best with an ethanol-free and high octane gas with a minimum octane rating of 91. Otherwise, ethanol will clog up the jets inside the carburetor over time. Meanwhile, the high octane level makes the gas more resistant to ignition from compression, preventing knocking that destroys the engine. 

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2. Wash Regularly

Vintage motorcycles were made of galvanized steel coated with corrosion-resistant zinc. While this material can last, it is not as rust-resistant as modern-day finishes. Dirt, salt, water, and other grime can break down the zinc finish and corrode the bike's body. This difference means your vintage ride needs more frequent cleaning than a new model. Wash it regularly with a motorcycle wash soap and dry it immediately afterward with a soft microfiber cloth. 

3. Store Indoors

Whenever your bike is not in use, it should be well-protected from the elements. Inclement weather, extreme temperatures, and constant UV exposure can all batter the body, damaging the finish and causing corrosion. Clear a space in a climate-controlled storage unit, garage, or shed for parking the motorcycle. You can also acquire a waterproof sun cover that you can carry with you on trips and use to protect the bike on days away from home. 

If you plan to store a motorcycle long-term, such as during the winter, lock the storage area. Proving you do this may even get you a small discount on your motorcycle insurance. 


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