Halloween is a fun and creative time for kids and adults alike. Nearly 70% of all American households celebrate All Hallows Eve in some way. If you're planning on commemorating the holiday this year, keep safety in mind so you can avoid accidents, injuries, and home insurance claims. Below, discover a few tips.

A Homeowner's Guide to Halloween Safety

1. Clean the Property

Trick or treaters will be traveling to and from your door on Halloween, so make sure the yard and walkways are clear of debris and fall hazards. If there are potential dangers on your property, such as holes in the yard or broken concrete on sidewalks or driveways, have them repaired before the holiday, or, if this isn't possible, place stakes or orange cones around riskier spots. 

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2. Decorate Smartly

Decorations are an integral part of a spooky holiday experience. Check that every decoration is securely attached, especially ones on the roof.

Fires are the most expensive home insurance claims, so take the time to secure all electrical cords and wiring and avoid overloading outlets. Also, don't use real candles as part of your decor. Flameless varieties are just as effective and much safer. Exterior decorations should be positioned where they won't be tripped over and have little risk of blowing away.

3. Be a Responsible Host

If you're planning a holiday party, offer plenty of nonalcoholic beverage options for designated drivers, underage guests, and nondrinkers. Never serve alcohol to someone underage. 

While a dimly lit interior can enhance the eerie mood of the holiday, be sure there is enough lighting for guests to travel safely around and between rooms and up and down the stairs. These precautions will help minimize your liability and prevent home insurance claims.


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