Winter will be here before you know it, which means an increased chance of power outages. While your home insurance will help you recover from damage caused by storms, it's also important to have a plan going into rough weather. Here are a few steps you can take to mitigate the damage caused by the loss of electricity. 

How Can I Safeguard My Home Against Power Outages?

1. Check the Weather Report

Storms can sometimes happen unexpectedly, but the weather report will often give you a heads up. Check reports daily when you anticipate foul weather. You can also download an app on your mobile device, which will provide alerts when a potentially damaging storm system is headed your way. The sooner you know about a storm, the faster you can begin preparing. 

2. Make an Emergency Kit

A good emergency kit will cover all potential needs during a power outage, including first aid supplies, such as bandages, aspirin, and antiseptic ointment. Kits should also contain flashlights and extra batteries. In the event your heating equipment is not operational, you should have winter clothing, coats, and blankets on hand. 

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3. Keep Food Cold for as Long as You Can

Do your best to preserve food. Items kept in the refrigerator will remain cold for four hours, while food in a full freezer will stay good for about two days if you avoid opening the doors. During an outage, rely on non-perishable items to keep your perishable foods properly chilled. 

4. Acquire Alternate Sources of Power

In addition to batteries, you should also have portable charging banks to keep electronic devices charged until power is restored. You might also consider having a backup generator installed at your home, which allows you to power all appliances for a certain number of hours. If you use a gas generator, use it outside or in an area with ample ventilation. 


While the above tips can help you navigate a power outage, home insurance is crucial for rebuilding if a storm causes roof damage or other issues. In Omaha, NE, Accredited Insurance Group Inc. provides insurance services backed by more than three decades of experience. As an independent agency, they go above and beyond to provide clients with the best policies at the most affordable prices. They also offer discounts for bundling policies to ensure your coverage remains well within your budget. Visit them online to get a home insurance quote. You can also call (402) 334-1780 to speak with an agent today.