Are you having trouble with your kitchen’s limited space? Do you not have enough room to chop, dice, and cook your food? Fortunately, there are ways to maximize the space you do have. Here are some creative kitchen remodeling tricks and tips to give your kitchen a fresh look. 

How to Remodel Your Kitchen to Save Space

1. Go Vertical

If you have limited space, maximize any available vertical space. Use a blank wall for mounting rows, racks, and S-hooks to hang your favorite kitchen tools, pans, and mugs. Also, put up baskets made from a wire mesh on your walls, and use them for storing your fresh fruits and vegetables. 

2. Use a Single-Bowl Sink

If you’re currently remodeling your kitchen, go with a single-bowl sink instead of the standard double bowl. With this little tweak, you can save up to a foot of precious counter space while also adding more room to your cabinet space underneath.

3. Get Creative With Roll-Outs

Kitchen RemodelingYou don’t want to overcrowd your kitchen with hard-to-reach utensils. Instead of getting down on your knees to reach the back of a bottom cabinet, install roll-out shelves, which move backward and forward on slides. They will transform your available space and make it more accessible. Add them to your existing cabinets, or order new ones with roll-outs already installed. 

4. Get a Kitchen Cart

Islands are popular for any modern kitchen. However, for small rooms, a kitchen cart is an excellent alternative. It has many of the same benefits and is more versatile. Use your cart when preparing food to give you extra counter space, and then wheel it out into the closet when you’re finished.

5. Remove Your Kitchen Door

Doing this will make your kitchen appear visually larger, while also making moving in and out of it easier. Another option is to get a sliding door, which can be left open and won’t take up much space. Choose a clear option for a modern look.   


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