Bathrooms use a lot of a home's energy, as this small space requires water, lights, and heat. Luckily, if you're beginning a bathroom remodeling project, you can include green features in your plan to reduce wastefulness. Use the following tips to save energy and money while still enjoying the benefits of a custom-made bathroom.

How to Reduce Energy Waste in Bathrooms

1. Add a Large Window

If you're tackling a large-scale bathroom remodeling project, add windows to the space. These will let plenty of natural light in so you don't have to use overhead lighting, and the sunlight will also warm the room, reducing heating costs.

If you're concerned about privacy, install ornamental or geometric windows at the tops of the walls. You can also use frosted glass and include sliding panes to ventilate the room after a hot shower.

2. Install Low-Flow Faucets

bathroom remodeling

Showers and bathroom sinks waste significant amounts of water, especially when they're left on unnecessarily. Low-flow replacements offer simple solutions, as these faucets include aerators to limit the amount of water that passes through. They also come in a variety of finishes and styles to fit in with your design goals.

If you plan on keeping your existing fixtures, you can install a low-flow aerator in them to reduce waste.

3. Get an Eco-Friendly Toilet

Toilets account for 31% of home water use, which is more than any single appliance or fixture. This is why it's essential to upgrade to eco-friendly models. High-efficiency appliances are designed to drastically reduce water waste by better regulating the amount of water used. They come in a variety of styles, and you can explore dual-flush options that have high- and low-flush features.

4. Invest in an Energy-Efficient Vent

The ventilation system is crucial for removing moisture from your bathroom and preventing mold and mildew. Reduce energy waste by installing it separately from your light switch, so it's only activated when you choose. You can also select an energy-efficient model that can save a significant amount of electricity.


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