Building a custom home is an excellent opportunity to add features catered to your family members, including your furry friends. More and more homeowners are now going the extra mile when prioritizing their pet's needs, hiring contractors to create functional spaces designed for their companion's comfort and well-being. Get inspired by these features that'll make your home a pet-friendly palace.

Pet-Friendly Amenities for Your Home

1. Built-In Eating Spaces

The whole family can eat dinner together when you set up a dedicated feeding station for your four-legged friend. Install a space at the bottom of your kitchen island, or use a sliding cabinet drawer near the floor to store their food and water bowls.

2. Cozy Pet Corners

custom homesCats and dogs are always seeking out comfy nooks to snooze. Arranging a space, such as their favorite window ledge or beside the fireplace, with a bed, blankets, pillows, and their favorite toy ensures a sound, comfortable sleep.

3. Custom Washing Stations

Your bathroom likely gets pretty messy during bath time, so give your pet a place to clean the mud off their paws and fur. Dedicate a section of your laundry room or mudroom to a stand-up shower or bathtub just for them to ensure they’re clean before they enter your home.

4. Pet-Accessible Doors

One of the simplest additions you can make for your pet is a door flap. To give your cat or dog the freedom to come and go as they please, install these in locations they frequently traffic, such as the backyard entrance or a dedicated pet suite.


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