home addition is a fantastic way to add square footage and beautiful living space to your home. However, the building process is trickier than a simple renovation. Before starting construction, consider the following to ensure you're ready.

What You Should Think About Before Beginning a Home Addition

1. Budget

Home additions can get expensive, so know your budget before calling a contractor. This information will help you decide whether to build upward or outward, and whether an addition is possible. If you build outward, you'll need to construct a new foundation, roofing, and exterior walls. If you want to add a new floor, you might need to strengthen your existing walls or foundation to support the structure. Work with a construction company to get an estimate and decide whether your budget is realistic before getting too far into the process.

2. Design Style

home additionSome people see a home addition as an opportunity to build a more modern space, but most home contractors will recommend that you work to blend your addition into the existing decor. You don't have to match every part exactly, but the new space shouldn't be mismatched with your home. However, you can make improvements, such as bigger windows or different flooring, to create the perfect area for you and your family.

3. Planning & Zoning Regulations

Before beginning the construction process, check local planning and zoning regulations to ensure your design is allowed. Each area has different requirements that might dictate how close to the property line you can build, or how high or large the home addition can be. Your contractor can help you to make sure the addition is compliant with these regulations.

4. Moving Out or Staying During Construction

Once the plans are drawn up, you'll need to decide whether you want to live in your home during construction. This will probably depend on your project's scope and your tolerance for dust, noise, and construction workers. Also, consider safety concerns with pets or small children.


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