Building a custom home allows you to make all the design decisions. While that control is exciting, with such an extensive project, it’s smart to be prudent about investing in value versus saving money. Here are some guidelines to get you started.


Square footage accounts for the livable space in a home and will require remodeling to make changes, so it’s best to decide on a layout that will accommodate your lifetime needs. That’s why many opt for an open floor plan. Limited walls and plenty of floor space allow you to move furniture around and section the room flexibly. 

The standard ceiling height is eight feet, but go for 10 to 12 feet to create airy spaces. 

Invest in energy-efficient doors, windows, and appliances. The upfront cost will be higher, but you’ll save money on gas, water, and electricity bills over time. Choose Energy Star®-certified brands like double-pane windows with Low-E coatings to limit your carbon footprint and lower monthly bills. 


custom homes St. Louis County MOEvery custom home should have at least one bathtub to make bath time easier for kids, pets, and seniors. It takes up a lot of space, so install one in the master suite and use standup showers in additional bathrooms. To accommodate more people in your household, add half-baths that feature a toilet and sink. They provide utility and add to home value without much extra cost.

Wood floors look attractive but come with a high price tag. Mimic the style of wood with durable vinyl plank flooring. This waterproof material is perfect for basements, bathrooms, and kitchens that are prone to moisture. Visitors will never know this easy-to-maintain option isn’t real wood, and it comes in thousands of colors. 

You can reduce spending while protecting the home from the elements with high-quality, lower-cost exterior materials. Consider vinyl planks that look like wood for the siding and metal roofing that mimics slate or cedar shake shingles. These options are durable and long-lasting yet have lower price tags.


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