If your basement is sitting unused and empty, you may have an opportunity to create more value and enjoy additional space in your home. If you’re considering a basement remodel, here are some ways to use this extra square footage.

What Can You Use Your Basement For?

1. Second Living Room

A second living area in your basement is great for entertaining. Kids can hang out in this space when they want some privacy with friends, or guests can use it to rest or socialize while staying in your home. You can make this underground area cozy and inviting with a large couch, a television, some storage space, and extra seating.

2. Extra Bedrooms

When your upper floors start to feel crowded, create additional bedrooms during your basement remodel. Depending on your basement's square footage and layout, you could potentially fit several more rooms for kids or visitors. Bedrooms provide privacy and comfort, and additional rooms often add value to your property.

3. Miniature Apartment

basement remodelWith enough space, you can create a separate basement apartment with bedrooms, bathrooms, a living area, and a kitchen. If local rules allow it, you could even rent the space to long-term tenants or use it as a short-term rental for out-of-town visitors. You could also hang on to it for visiting family or friends so people have a private space to stay when they come to town.

4. Home Gym

If you're tired of going back and forth to the gym, set one up downstairs. This project can be quite simple, as you only need a large, comfortable space that can hold your equipment. You can also enhance the room with mirrors, a stereo system, or a small sauna for post-workout relaxation.

5. Home Theater

Movie nights are great for connecting with family and friends. If you want to create the ultimate go-to spot for movie-watching, look into installing a home theater. This project involves finishing the basement with plenty of seating, a large screen, and a projector. Add to the theater atmosphere by getting a popcorn machine or drink dispensers.


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