If you recently bought a house, getting home insurance will help protect your investment. This type of insurance provides financial support against various unexpected situations—here's what your policy will likely include.

3 Things Covered By Homeowners Insurance

1. Personal Property

Personal property coverage pays for losses to the contents of your house, including clothing, appliances, electronics, and furniture. It even covers personal items that aren't kept indoors, such as anything in a storage unit or belongings you bring on a trip.

home insurance

Covered losses include those that occur due to fire, storm, vandalism, and theft. Although personal property coverage is limited to 50% to 70% of your total amount of home insurance coverage, high-value items, like artwork, jewelry, and collectibles, may need separate coverage to be eligible for a claim.

2. Dwelling

This type of coverage pays for damages to the structure, including the roof, walls, floors, stairways, foundation, and structures on the property, like a garage, gazebo, or deck. This policy protects the house from physical harm due to fire, storms, falling objects, and vandalism. While many basic homeowners insurance policies exclude damages caused by floods and earthquakes, you can purchase additional coverage for these hazards.

3. Personal Liability

Personal liability coverage pays for repairs, medical bills, and legal costs if a household member accidentally injures someone or damages their property, including pets. For instance, if your dog bites a neighbor, the home insurance policy will pay for their related medical care and pay any lawyer and court fees if a lawsuit arises from the incident.

Liability coverage doesn't cover intentional harm, and your insurer may have a list of excluded, large or aggressive dog breeds. Common excluded breeds include German shepherds, Rottweilers, pit bulls, akitas, and Alaskan huskies.


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