Rust is a reddish-brown coating that forms on the surface of iron when it oxidizes. The issue is caused by moisture, salt, and grime buildup, which can compromise the strength and performance of your car. Although you can't completely prevent rust on your car's components, auto body repair and preventive measures can help to slow it down and extend the life of your vehicle.

3 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Rust-Free

1. Find It Before It Starts

One of the best ways to keep rust from damaging your car is to identify the areas where it thrives before it forms. Keep an eye out for dents and scratches and have them repaired before rust appears on the surface. Examine the trunk, hood, doors, and areas where metal parts come together. Paint bubbling can also be an indication that rust is likely to form, so take care of it right away.

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2. Keep Your Car Clean

If you drive every day, your car will get dirty quickly, and the elements will damage the paintwork and cause rust. Auto body repair technicians recommend that you clean your car regularly to keep rust at bay. Using the appropriate cleaning fluid, remove gasoline spills, bird droppings, and salt. This involves inspecting the underside and removing any mud or grime that has accumulated.

3. Park Properly

Your car will have a longer life if you keep its exposure to the elements to a minimum. One way to do this is by parking it in a garage where it’s safe from snow and sun. The moisture on grass, dirt, and poorly drained surfaces can also contribute to rust formation, so parking on a paved, dry surface can keep your auto body repair expenses low.


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