If you’re tempted to update your car, you might have a few ideas in mind. While putting in a new sound system and adding a new license plate holder are both practical ideas that you can generally handle on your own, painting the vehicle is something no average driver should attempt to do. Applying auto paint is a tricky task, and there are several reasons to avoid a DIY job. Here are three to keep in mind.

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Your Own Car

1. Imperfections on the Surface

Elements like dust, dirt, and debris can all detract from a good paint job, especially if they remain on a good portion of the vehicle while you’re painting. Professionals are trained not only to produce a clean canvas on which to apply the auto paint, but also to resolve common issues like rust to prevent corrosion from eating away at the new coating.

2. Present Damages

auto paint

You might feel like you can quickly touch up a spot that needs some fresh paint, such as a scuff mark or a scratch. However, these types of imperfections often need to be sanded down beforehand. Otherwise, they may grow worse with time, especially if they develop rust. Additionally, sanding is a tricky task that professionals handle smoothly, as they don't sand the surface too much.

3. Tricky Drying Times

There’s a big risk that the paint may not cure properly, depending on the conditions outside. If it seems dry, it could actually be “soft” if it’s relatively warm enough. Since waxing the car is a great way to lend it a like-new appearance and show off a fresh paint job, you’ll need to wait until it’s completely cured to do so. It can be tricky to find the right balance and determine the best time of year to paint on your own. 

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