With temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, Texas summers are notoriously hot—and not necessarily ideal for outdoor dining. However, during the spring, it can be both comfortable and relaxing to enjoy meals outside. Those looking for delicious food and some fresh air in San Marcos, TX, should check out Grins Restaurant’s patio seating.

What Seating Options Are Available?

Patio seating wraps around the edges of the restaurant to provide ample outdoor dining space for all kinds of crowds. Specifically, this area is equipped with 12 spacious tables, each with enough chairs for four guests. If you want to bring a large party, let the restaurant staff know so they can arrange a comfortable setup for you and your group.

patio seatingThe patio seating at Grins Restaurant is designed to capture the best of the outdoors without letting the sun take over your meal. Surrounded by large trees, this deck area is shaded to provide comfort to daytime visitors. But if it’s too hot for you outside, you can still sit inside and enjoy the scenery. In the spring and summer months, this restaurant opens up their large bay doors to create a unique indoor-outdoor environment.

Reasons to Celebrate

Grins Restaurant—and their patio seating—is ideal for all types of patrons. Whether you are a family looking to spend some quality time over a meal, a couple wanting to spend date night under the stars, or a group of coworkers hoping to grab some food together before heading home for the night, they have the exceptional cuisine and atmosphere you are looking for. 

Since 1975, this local restaurant has served up a variety of classic favorites and unique specials—including 99-cent happy hour margaritas and lunchtime deals. Whether you’re craving seafood or a mouthwatering burger, this venue’s menu will put a smile on your face. Visit this San Marcos, TX, hotspot online to learn more about their options or call (512) 392-4746 to book a reservation for patio seating.