When people think of social security benefits, they generally think of a payout to parents who have retired or sustained a disability. However, there are situations in which minor dependent children can receive a benefit based upon their parent’s activities. If this is of interest to you, hiring a lawyer well-versed in social security law will go a long way towards obtaining the benefit you are seeking as they will be able to properly identify if such an option is available to you and your family members.

3 Situations Where Children Can Receive Social Security Benefits

1. When a Parent Retires

When a parent retires and collects a retirement benefit, the minor dependent children are also entitled to a social security benefit worth 50% of the parent’s primary insurance amount. The payout is restricted to an overall family maximum that ranges between 150-180% of the primary benefit. To qualify as a minor dependent child, the child must be under the age of 18, or 19 and still in high school. Children can be defined as being biological, adopted and step-children.

2. When a Parent or Child Becomes Disabled

LawyerIn an instance where a parent becomes disabled, children are entitled to 50% of the parent’s disability benefit, subject to an overall family maximum. If it is the child themselves who become disabled, they will qualify for Social Security benefits if they have a mental or physical condition that very seriously limits their activities. Social security requires that the serious limitations last for at least one year.

3. When a Parent Dies

As a survivor, each child is entitled to 75% of the parent’s primary insurance amount. However, the amount is subject to an overall family maximum benefit which ranges between 150-180% of the primary benefit.


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