After weeks of planning your move and purging your excess belongings, you might be thrilled that moving day has finally arrived. However, now that the movers are hard at work, what are you supposed to do? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep busy and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Use these three tips to kill time while the professional movers put their skills to the test.

3 Tasks to Complete While Your Movers Are Working

1. Sequester the Kids & Pets

When sofas, tables, and boxes of fine dishware are being wheeled around the house, your home is no longer a suitable playground for little ones. To keep them safe, choose one room where they can hang out, draw, watch movies, or play on their devices. 

Make sure they have snacks, water, and access to a restroom, so you can keep the door closed and the kids safe while the movers tackle the rest of the house. If you can’t do the same with your pets, consider leaving them with a friend or neighbor—they might prefer being left out of all the commotion.

2. Pack Essentials Separately


When you first arrive at your new residence, you’ll want to have your everyday essentials handy. As the movers are handling board games, serving plates, and other non-essentials, compile a box of your most-used items, including medication, a change of clothes, a pillow, and toothbrushes and other toiletries. Then, pack this box in the front seat of your car, so it’s the first item you bring into your new place.

3. Clean Up

Unfortunately, you can’t give your home a thorough cleaning until the movers start removing all the boxes and clutter from your packing efforts. That’s why it pays to keep a broom or vacuum on hand, so you can clean up room by room as they continue to make progress. If you have more time, you can wipe down the counters, clean the baseboards, or dust any built-in shelving, so your home is ready for the next happy family to move in.


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