As companies evolve, they have new requirements for conducting business, which might include moving to a new location. However, many people put off relocating because of the disruption and hassle involved in preparation. Working with a commercial moving company eases the burden, as are these five tips to ensure business continuity.

A Guide to Relocating with Minimal Disruption

1. Keep Everyone Informed

After you've settled on a new location, let your staff know. They may have to adjust their routines due to the move, such as a lengthier commute or drive. Notifying suppliers and customers in advance of the move is also important; doing so will reduce the likelihood of you losing business relationships with them.

2. Ensure Your New Office Is Ready

Secure a space ready for occupancy instead of getting one that requires renovations. Construction work is disruptive, and incomplete amenities can make your staff less productive. Before the actual move, hire a technical crew to set up the network, cabling, Internet access, and telephone lines. Make sure all the finishing touches are completed before move day.

3. Divide Tasks

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It takes a lot of work to move to a new location, so get everyone involved by giving them specific responsibilities. Make everyone on the team accountable for a certain task or item, both before and after the transfer. Maintain a record of who is responsible for what.

4. Relocate on a Weekend

Giving up your weekend isn’t fun, but doing the relocation with the commercial moving company during this window reduces downtime and unforeseen risks that can adversely impact operations. When possible, sacrifice one day of work, say a Friday, to start the relocation and continue until Sunday. Before another work week begins, operations will be up and running in your new office.

5. Have a Back-up Plan

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan, no matter how failsafe it may seem or reliable your commercial moving company is. Always ensure you have a workaround so the company continues running amidst unexpected issues during the move.


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