Whether your kitchen remodeling project centers around your home’s resale value or is simply about enjoying a more practical and convenient cooking space, one of your biggest decisions is deciding how much to spend on the cabinets. Kitchen cabinets combine functionality with aesthetic value, and are available in many styles and materials. Review these considerations to make an informed cabinet budget decision.

A Budgeting Guide For Kitchen Cabinets

Some Remodeling Percentages

As you plan your kitchen remodel, keep a few percentages in mind. The general rule is to put no more than 15% of your home’s value into a kitchen remodeling project to prevent financial losses when you sell. Kitchen cabinets typically account for 15% to 35% of your remodel budget, with the doors taking up a surprising 60% to 70% of cabinetry costs. This means that even if you decide to replace the doors only to “save money,” you will spend about as much as you would on new cabinets.

Stock, Semi-Custom, & Fully Customized

kitchen cabinetsStock kitchen cabinets naturally cost the least, keeping you around 15% of your total remodeling budget. However, your options are limited in terms of matching the cabinets with your aesthetic. Stock options also don’t always fit cabinetry dimensions to create unsightly gaps. Semi-custom kitchen cabinets offer a greater variety than stock models without the higher price of custom solutions. They are also usually made of higher-quality materials than stock cabinets to provide unique looks without too much budget damage. Custom cabinetry easily takes up 35% or more of your remodel budget; however, the perfectly-measured results are exactly as you specified for a more beautiful, unique kitchen.

Additional Kitchen Features

Other desired remodel features help determine how much you want to spend on cabinets. If your remodel includes a lot of minor updates such as fresh coats of paint, new light fixtures, and a backsplash made from reclaimed materials, you’ll likely have enough money for semi-custom or custom cabinets. If larger installations such as new granite countertops and a kitchen island are part of your remodel aspirations, stock or semi-custom kitchen cabinets are probably best. Less expensive cabinetry is also recommended if your remodel includes an expansion and subsequent electrical and plumbing work.


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