Kitchen cabinets make up a lot of space in your home, so it’s essential that you choose the right color that works with the decor. Many people struggle to decide between light or dark hues and are unsure which will best fit their home. Here is some information on color choices to help you make this decision.

Light Hues

Light hues like white or grey can make your kitchen feel bigger because they give the illusion of extra space—a feature that is especially desirable in smaller kitchens. They also provide the look of cleanliness, which is essential in an area where food preparation takes place.

If you install light cabinets, you can use a lot of color and texture throughout the kitchen because it won’t look too busy or overwhelming. Consider using light hues if you want a louder backsplash like a tile mural or detailed countertops. Additionally, if your kitchen has plenty of windows, the natural sunlight combined with the light cabinet hues will brighten up the space.

Dark Hues

cabinetsMany homeowners replace their cabinets to darker hues like mahogany or choose black to create depth. However, this richness can make a small kitchen feel smaller, so keep that in mind when making your color choice. Larger kitchens may gain a cozy, intimate feel with the addition of darker-hued cabinetry.

Many designers who choose these dark tones use a lot of lighter accents like white appliances or light-colored kitchen tables to balance out the room. Instead of going for a true black, consider selecting cabinets that have a dark brown stain or even a black stain that lets the wood grain show through to add some visual interest.



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