Cabinets are both functional and aesthetically pleasing fixtures that elevate your kitchen’s style, while maintaining your dishes safe and hidden from view. However, cabinets can weaken with age. If you’re undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, it’s wise to first browse several styles before settling on one. Below is a comprehensive guide that highlights different cabinet styles.  

An Overview of Popular Cabinet Styles


If you want to create a country-chic or farmhouse-style kitchen, opt for rustic cabinetry. This style is known for showcasing the natural grain and imperfections in wood. Pine and oak are often used, as both prominently display knots. You can also use reclaimed wood for the noticeable scratches. A glossy finish brings kitchen cabinets forward, while a matte texture helps them blend into the background.


cabinetsThis style is often free of ornamentation and features a simple appearance. Glass, steel, wood, and hard plastic are used to create the sleek, flat surfaces. The accompanying hardware is also minimalistic. Drawer pulls are often simple bars made of brushed brass or satin nickel. 


Craftsman-style fixtures are staples in traditional and antique kitchens and bathrooms. Although the cabinetry features clean lines and minimal carvings, the heavy wood makes them attention-grabbing. Woodworkers often craft the cabinets out of rich cherry, maple, or hickory.


Detailed carvings and raised, overlay paneling are common characteristics of traditional cabinets. Inset recessed doors help cabinetry melt into the background. The door sits inside the frame, so it’s flush with the front of the cabinet when closed. The hinges can also be concealed for a cleaner look. Often wooden, traditional cabinets are typically stained to enhance the grain or painted in rich hues to complement a room’s color scheme.



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