White cabinets provide a classic, clean, and trendy look in any kitchen. If you’re considering this option for your kitchen remodel, it can be tricky to find the perfect granite countertops to pair well with cabinetry. This guide will break down some of the best counter designs to match your new white cabinets. 

Granite Countertop Colors to Pair With White Cabinets

1. Neutral

Pairing white cabinets with neutral granite countertops is a classic way to pull your kitchen’s look together. You can choose white-based countertops to create a bright monochrome style. A warmer neutral-like beige can complement your cabinets while offering a slight contrast. The light will reflect off these surfaces and open the space significantly. 

2. Honed Black

granite countertopIf you’re looking for more contrast in your kitchen style, consider honed black granite countertops. They’ll allow each cabinet to stand out and add a bit of rusticity into your kitchen. Overall, honed black finishes are mostly matte with a hint of gloss. The counters can hide smudges and spills, keeping up the clean appearance that your white cabinets create. 

3. Polished Mid-tone Gray

Gray granite countertops are highly versatile. They can take on a warmer or cooler look, depending on the rest of the kitchen. With white cabinets, the gray will take on a lighter quality, making the space look open and welcoming. You can also keep the mid-tone gray counters if you ever decide to switch out your cabinets since they match many other colors. 



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