Your cabinets are an essential feature in your kitchen or bathroom, so when you've invested in high-quality pieces, you naturally want them to last as long as possible. Following the care guide below will help keep your cabinetry in pristine condition for years to come.

How to Care for Wooden Cabinetry

1. Clean Them Regularly

Both bathroom and kitchen cabinets get dirty quickly, so clean them regularly to prevent grime buildup. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe them down once a week, moving with the grain of the wood and immediately drying the cabinetry after. If there's stubborn grime, add dish soap to the water before using it to wet the cloth. However, never use anything sharp, abrasive, or rough to scrub the surface, since this can destroy the finish.

2. Avoid Direct Light

cabinetsDirect UV radiation exposure will break down the cabinetry finish over time and fade the wood's color. This is unavoidable as long as the material is exposed to UV rays. To prevent this issue, use window coverings to keep direct sunlight off of your cabinetry. Close them during the time of day when the sun is shining directly through the window. Finally, seal the cabinetry; this prevents humidity and temperature factors from speeding up the fading process.  

These best practices are particularly crucial if the cabinets are made from exotic or tropical wood, as they’re more susceptible to the chemical effects of radiation, causing them to fade quicker. 

3. Keep Them Dry

Your cabinets have a finish on them to protect them from moisture, but excess water will still cause damage, such as warping, bowing, and shrinkage. Thus, clean any spills immediately and ventilate the room when it gets humid to remove moisture from the air. To do so effectively, utilize fans to increase air circulation, turn on the AC unit, and use a dehumidifier regularly. Also, when you mop the floor in front of the cabinets, dry off the kickboard underneath immediately.


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