Messy kitchen cabinets are inconvenient, no matter how often you cook. Such chaos hinders the aesthetic appeal of the room when the doors are open and also makes it hard to find anything. Fortunately, you can maximize space and boost functionality with these creative and practical tips.

How to Maximize the Storage in Your Kitchen Cabinets

1. Use Door Backs

Doors are one of the most under-used aspects of kitchen cabinetry, as the inside provides plenty of surface area. Attaching hooks to hang your most-used cooking utensils, such as measuring cups or mixer attachments, provides convenience and clears up drawer space. It's also possible to use magnets to hang spices or other small, lightweight containers.

2. Adjust Shelves

Modern cabinets have adjustable shelving, so it's easy to customize them to your specific storage needs. Arrange like items by height, and move shelves with shorter objects, such as tumblers, to provide more space for taller ones, such as reusable water bottles.

3. Buy Slim Containers

kitchen cabinetsMany off-the-shelf containers are much larger than the product inside requires, such as cereal and spices. Transferring them to more appropriately-sized vessels allows you to take back valuable space. Additionally, using stackable canisters can stretch the available area even further.

4. Display Eye-Catching Items

Not all of your kitchen tools need to be hidden away. If you have any sentimental or beautiful pieces that blend with your design scheme, they can double as art pieces and clear up kitchen cabinet space. For example, an anchored screw is all that's needed to hang a cast-iron skillet that’s been passed down through generations.

5. Add Organizers

Many tools on the market can improve cabinet organization. For example, shelf risers are an excellent option to add surface area, while file holders turned on their sides are perfectly suited for holding pots and pans. Baskets are another practical way to separate like items and make it easier to find smaller ingredients that would otherwise be hidden from view.


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