Countertops are crucial for a functional kitchen, as you need a workspace to prepare and cook meals. If the room is limited, but you don’t want to take on full kitchen remodeling, take the following steps to open up more space and make your kitchen work for you.

How to Get the Most From Your Limited Countertop Space

1. Get a Movable Island or Cart

If you have enough floor space, invest in a movable kitchen island with drawers and storage. This will add another workable surface to the room and give you a place to keep items out of the way. You can also get a small rolling cart if you’re more concerned about additional surface than storage. When you aren’t using the piece of furniture, slide it to the end of your counters or against a wall.

2. Use Drawer & Wall Space

countertopsClear off your countertops by turning to your drawers and walls. For example, install a pull-out cutting board in a drawer, and mount hooks on the wall to hang utensils, pots, and pans. You can also install shelving to store jars, cans, plates, cutlery, dish towels, pots, pans, or even small appliances, such as an electric can opener.

3. Move Small Appliances

Small appliances, including your microwave, coffee pot, and toaster oven, take up more space than you’d think. Consider moving them to their own cart or storing them when they’re not in use. This simple step will make your kitchen more comfortable to work in, as you won’t be moving around clunky appliances.

4. Add Storage Under & Above Cabinets

Install under-shelf baskets or drop-down storage for cookbooks, plates, jars, and anything else cluttering your workspaces. Also, use the space above your cabinets for display plates, non-perishable items, and tools that are rarely used, such as niche cookware. This will open up space within reach for items you use frequently, while the items up high can be accessed with a step stool.


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